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The shelter, located at 14383 Forest Blvd. N in Hugo has opened its doors to up to FIVE families. Hosanna has adopted a Family Room - supplying basic needs like towels, sheets, alarm clocks, pillows and more.

Hosanna has also committed to and needs volunteers to staff the shelter. Are you ready to serve? Below are some details.

Upcoming Dates

December 1 - 7

March 1 - 7

June 7 - 13

August 2 - 8

November 15 - 21

The new St. Andrew's Family Shelter HOME

The new St. Andrew's Family Shelter HOME


Shift times and basic responsibilities:


  • 5-8:30pm

    • Check in with Staff- and volunteer orientation.

    • Finish preparing the evening meal and ready it for serving buffet-style.

    • Eat with families.

    • Clean up- (guests/families are not allowed in the kitchen area).

    • Spend time with families that choose to hang out in the commons area.

  • 8:15pm- 9:15am

    • Check in with Staff - and volunteer orientation.

    • Ready for Lights Out!

    • There is a volunteer room with two twin beds- so YES, you can sleep!

    • Ready continental breakfast- and clean up after everyone leaves.

Got questions? Contact Pastor Linda, Joslyn Mathison here or Kristin Salzman here with questions.


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Kristin Salzman (and daughter, Monica) and Joslyn Mathison

Kristin Salzman (and daughter, Monica) and Joslyn Mathison


The Story of the St. Andrew’s Family Shelter

In April 2017, St. Andrew’s announced its plans to open a new Family Shelter in response to continued need.  The St. Andrew’s Community Resource Center currently shelters 7-10 families each week at the Oakdale location.  The decision to extend the reach to serve neighbors in the northern end of Washington County with the new shelter at St. Genevieve Catholic Church in Hugo on Hwy. 61.

The St. Andrew’s Family Shelter in Hugo is able to shelter up to five additional families in need. That’s five more families who are able to sleep in a warm house with running water.  Five more families who get assistance to rebuild their lives.  Five more families that are transformed and shown love by the community in their time of need.

Renovations to the interior and exterior, with the help of many volunteers and partners from the community, have brought the new St. Andrew’s Family Shelter to life.

The Hosanna Bedroom

The Hosanna Bedroom