2019 Lakes Area Mobilepack Results

1122 Volunteers

1404 Boxes Packed

303,264 Meals

830 Children fed for 1 year

2018 Lakes Area Mobilepack Results

1130 Volunteers

1296 Boxes Packed

279,936 Meals

766 Children fed for 1 year

2017 Lakes Area Mobilepack Results

1113 Volunteers

1260 Boxes Packed

272,160 Meals

(1 Full Shipping Container)

745 Children fed for 1 year

All the food packed went to Haiti

1260 boxes (272,160 meals) have shipped to Haiti through FMSC partner Help for Haiti, Inc.;


Help for Haiti feeds and educates children in northeast Haiti while building companies and potential jobs for their future. Help for Haiti uses FMSC meals to feed students in its school lunch programs. To learn more about Help for Haiti, Inc. please visit http://helpforhaiti.com/.


- Every day, nearly 6,200 children die from hunger or hunger related causes. These are God's children and we who are blessed with resources are called to respond.

- All FMSC food is paid for and packaged by volunteers. More than half of the volunteers are under the age of 18.

- FMSC receives no government funding.

- 92% of the total donations go directly to feeding starving children.

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2016 Lakes Area mobilepack results

877 Volunteers

792 Boxes Filled

171, 072 Meals Packed

468 Kids Fed for 1 Year!