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Confirmation- Engaging faith

During the three  years of confirmation, middle school youth continue their faith journey — learning what it means to be a Christian, what make us Lutheran, and what it means to live out our faith in daily life. At Hosanna the Confirmation program is not a sacrament nor a requirement but, it is another opportunity for middle school youth to grow together and develop a faith that sticks with them for a lifetime. Think of confirmation as an intentional youth group- where young people can feel like they BELONG, discover their IDENTITY- who God has made them to be and that they can make a difference all in Christ's name! 

During the fall of 9th grade, students who intend to affirm their faith will have a weekend retreat to walk through “what’s next” in their faith journey as well as complete a Confirmation Expression Project to present on Confirmation Sunday in the Fall. Confirmation services are held during worship services on Reformation Weekend, October 29, 2017.

Schedule and program details, Lenten Mentor details, and guide information are below.

Please Contact Pastor Jen Collins with any Questions, Concerns or Thoughts. 

When & Where Do You Meet?

  • Wednesdays during Connect 360, Fall to Spring
  • Time: 6:30-7:30 pm
  • Where: Infinity Room (next to the nursery)

7 & 8 Grade Confirmation Information:

  • Confirmation Schedule
  • Expectations and Goals
  • Worship Notes - it is an expectation of the confirmation group to put your faith into action by serving on a hospitality team on Sundays. Youth choose 1 Sunday a month to join in by leading worship in one of the various roles: greeting, offering, communion, play ground- faith friend and coffee/treat fellowship time. Arrive at 8:15, finish at 12 noon. Please complete the Worship note as a family- spend some time talking about where God showed up? How did you help others today? Notes to be turned in by August 1. Total of 12.
  • Service Notes- this is another expectation of the confirmation group to learn about opportunities to make a difference locally, nationally and globally. We will integrate service nights once a month into our Wednesday night gatherings, but feel free to serve in other places. Complete 6 service notes by August 1. Recommended 2 hours minimum for service times. 

9th Grade Confirmation Information:

  • Faith Project - as a milestone to show the journey you've taken over the past 2.5 years. The Faith Project is a creative way to share with everyone what God has been doing in your life of faith thus far. This is sharing what God means to you, how you have been transformed and impacted through God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Project to be completed in students 9th grade year. 

2016 Confirmation 

2016 Confirmation 

Parent/ Guardian Workshops

We know that it is tough to be raising jr. high youth. There is a lot that's changing, especially in their faith life. Hosanna wants to walk with Parent/Guardians in that journey. Join us for Quarterly workshops, where we will unpack components of faith formation: Bible, Lutheran Living and real world obstacles. 

Join your pastors at 6:30 pm in Conference Room. This is an expectation of families in confirmation group.

Upcoming Dates: 

  • November 15 - Bible 101
  • January 31- Balanced Faith Life, what's that? 
  • April 11- Tough Questions


Lenten Mentoring- For 7 & 8 Grade Confirmation 

Mentoring dates: February 14- March 21, 2018

Faith mentoring is an exciting program that you are able to participate in as part of the Confirmation program at Hosanna Lutheran Church. This program will pair you with a faithful, Christian adult in order to share and help grow in your faith lives. 

Schedule for Mentoring on Wednesday Nights: 

  • Dinner - 5:00- 6:00 pm
  • Worship Service- 6:00 - 6:45 pm
  • Mentoring- Minimum of 30 min., Pick up devotional at the Welcome Desk or download from below...

If you are not able to attend a Wednesday Night, either Mentee or Mentor. 1.) Inform the other person 2.) Plan an alternative meeting time, face-to-face (can use Skype/ Facetime) 3.) Pick up or download the Devotional for the week. 

Higher Ground- living faith

Higher Ground is Hosanna's Youth Group for grades 9-12. Opportunities for High School Youth to grow in faith, build friendships, and serve the community. We hope that you will join us and grow deeper with Christ. 


  • Wednesdays during Connect 360  
  • Time: 6:30-7:30 pm
  •  Where: Higher Ground Room, North of Garden Chapel
  • Higher Ground Leaders: Ann & Andy Wachholz

New this year- Pie night


Join every 1st Wednesday night of the month to get FREE PIE at Village Inn, Wyoming, MN. 

Time: 8:00 pm

A time to just catch up, mingle and talk with Pastor Jen. Carpooling is limited, let Pr. Jen know if you need a ride. 

Mission Trip 2017

Youth Calendar


  • Oct. 29- Confirmation Celebration at 10:30 service, celebrate with our 9th graders as they confirm their faith in God, Jesus and Holy Spirit before their Hosanna family. Join us as we uplift and support them, living into our baptismal promises. 


  • Nov. 5- All Saints Sunday, This is a day we uplift and honor those who have died, those people who we remember and impacted our lives. You are invited to bring photos, a piece of memorabilia to add to our Saints Table in the Great Hall Sanctuary. 


  • Nov. 11-12- SleepOut2017! This is an educational and experiential event in which we sleep out side to raise awareness about homelessness. Grades 4-6 are able to attend until Midnight, Grades 7-Adult invited to sleep overnight outside in cardboard. Click here for more information. 


  • Nov. 15- Food donations due for Rangers Supporting Rangers, local school food program helping families in need of additional snacks and kid friendly meals. Visit RSR website for more information or talk to Hosanna Staff.