June 26- July 2, 2018

What is a Gathering?

Every three years, 30,000 high school youth and their adult leaders from across the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America gather for a week of faith formation known as the ELCA Youth Gathering. Through days spent in interactive learning, worship, Bible study, service and fellowship, young people grow in faith and are challenged and inspired to live their faith in their daily lives.

An additional part of the Gathering's ministry are the two pre-events, the Multicultural Youth Leadership Event (MYLE), a faith formation and leadership development event primarily for youth of color, and the tAble, a gathering that gathers, blesses and empowers youth with disabilities. These pre-events happen June 24-27 and are an additional $190.



“This Changes Everything.”

Our primary scripture will be Ephesians 2:8 “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God.”

Grace is a foundational and distinctive piece of the Lutheran faith. This gift, undeserved and freely given, changes lives and perspectives as people realize they are enough because of what Christ has done and are called into the world to serve their neighbor and share the good news.

Our logo is a visual representation of our theme and the 2018 Gathering experience. It incorporates the coming together of a mosaic to reflect the diverse host city of Houston, as well as the idea that we are a church where all are imperfect and incomplete, yet we each belong in – and have an important place in – God’s masterpiece. The cross at the center of the logo is the focus – it is God’s grace, through Christ’s life, death and resurrection, that changes everything for all people.

Where is the Gathering?

Houston, Texas.

People might know it as Beyoncé’s hometown, others as the world hub of the energy industry, some for its prominence as the flight control center for all of NASA’s manned space missions, but we know it best as the host city for the 2018 ELCA Youth Gathering! We also know Houston to be a diverse, multicultural metropolis with thriving performing arts and culinary scenes, over 55,000 acres of green space, large and growing international community, and so much more.

 NRG Stadium where Youth Gathering will be hosted.

NRG Stadium where Youth Gathering will be hosted.


Some costs are estimates, group and individual fundraising will be a part of participating in this event. 

  • Gathering Event- $350
  • Pre-gathering event (optional)- $190
  • Transportation, Synod Bus- $250 
  • Hotel (5 nights)- $170
  • Meals- suggested $20-30 per day, a couple of meals will be planned as group outings. 
  • Gathering T-shirt- $10
  • Additional Spending - varies

Estimated total cost: $975-1250

A $150 non-refundable, per person deposit is due at the time of registration.

Registration CLOSED!

Youth Gathering Deposits & Payments
Beloved siblings,
You are wonderfully made just as you are. You are loved as your true, authentic self. 💕
— @elcagathering Twitter