Faith Milestones at Hosanna consists of several moments in one's faith journey that are Spirit-filled opportunities to celebrate, nurture, mark and bless our identity as a child of God as we journey through life together.

We are claimed as children of God, and throughout our lives we enter into God’s story. As God touches our lives, the Spirit ripples through everyone we know, everything we do, and everything we are called to be. At Hosanna we celebrate these times through nurturing all that are involved.

We mark and bless these significant experiences with workshops during Faith Formation and celebrations in worship. Just as God's people in the Old Testament did when a very special moment occurred in their journey with God, they marked it with a stone. We also encounter God’s story at different times and in different places and we want mark and bless these milestones we encounter as we grow in life and faith. All are welcome to join us in at anytime with Hosanna's faith milestones.

Hosanna celebrates the following Milestones:

Baptism - All Ages

Baptism, one of two sacraments offered in the Lutheran church, welcomes all into God’s family. This significant experience formalizes the entrance into God’s community, the Christian church. At Baptism, we are named Child of God. This is the beginning of the journey. We heartily welcome adults and older children to be baptized as well as infants. It is expected that families meet with one of the Pastors at Hosanna prior to Baptism.

For more information or to schedule a Baptism contact Hosanna's Executive Assistant, Kelsey Hane or Pastor Jen Collins. 

Phone: 651-464-5502            Email:      

Pr. Jen Collins, Associate Pastor of Faith Formation,

God's story in my life: Receive 1st Bible-Spark story bible

Ages: Preschool  

Celebrated in the September, this milestone recognizes the exciting step children take as they enter Faith Formation (Hosanna's version of Sunday school on Wednesday Nights). Preschoolers who are beginning their first full year of Faith Formation will experience a special blessing and will receive their own SPARK Story Bible. Those elementary aged kids who have not received a SPARK Story Bible are invited to participate. This Milestone Celebration takes place at all worship services.

NOTE: *If you have joined us anytime after the Fall, please talk with Pastor Jen to arrange for your child to receive one of these Bibles and learn some Tips & Tools to help navigate through God's Word! 


WORKSHOP: Wednesday Night, Fall 2018

Receive A Connect Bible - Grades 4 to 8

As children become independent readers, it is a natural time to fulfill the baptismal promise to place the scriptures into their hands. Children and their families will learn some basics about the Bible, as well as ways to incorporate the Bible in daily readings and family devotions through this special workshop. Parents will present the Bible to their child(ren) in worship.


WORKSHOP: Wednesday Night, Fall 2018

*If you have joined us anytime after the Fall, please talk with Pastor Jen to arrange for your child to receive one of these Bibles and learn some Tips & Tools to help navigate through God's Word! 


At Hosanna our young people take a 3-year journey exploring: The Bible, what it means to be living Lutheran and other faith forming experiences through small groups. At the end of our 3-year confirmation program, students are given the opportunity to publicly affirm their baptism. In the fall of their 9th grade year, students prepare a Faith Project, meet with a pastor to discuss their journey, attend a retreat, and make a special stole to symbolize they are “yoked” to Christ. Students then profess their faith in worship on Reformation Sunday, and continue their faith journey in Higher Ground (High School Youth Group) and other opportunities within their faith community. 

Traditionally youth enter the confirmation program during 7th grade, but all are welcome to join whenever your family begins attending Hosanna as a youth or an adult. Click here to learn more about this milestone's program.

 Confirmation 2015

Confirmation 2015

Save the date for 2018...

Confirmation dinner: Saturday, October 27, 2018; Time: 6:00 to 8:00 pm

Celebration- Affirmation of baptism: Sunday, October 28, 2018; TIME: 10:30 am

Prayer & The Lord's prayer - GRADE K TO 3

This is one of our Mini-Milestones, an opportunity to explore one way we live out our faith: PRAYER! This workshop is geared to help kids and their families learn more about The Lord's Prayer as well as discovering How, When and Why we Pray. This is an interactive workshop that kids and their families won't want to miss. This Milestone Workshop takes place during Faith Formation. 

WORKSHOP: Wednesday, January 17 at 6:30 pm in Luther B, Dinner at 5 pm

Apostle's Creed: What's the 3-in-one? - Grades 4-6

This is one of our Mini-Milestones, an opportunity to explore one way we live out our faith. This workshop is geared to help our 4-6 grade kids as they are moving away from being solely concrete thinkers and are beginning to understand more complicated concepts – like God being three-in-one. They are invited, along with their parents, to learn more about God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through games, conversations, and hands-on activities. This is an interactive workshop that kids and their families won't want to miss. 

WORKSHOP: Wednesday, January 31 at 6:30 pm in Luther B, Dinner at 5 pm

First Communion - All Ages

Communion, one of two sacraments offered in the Lutheran church. Hosanna offers this unique and meaningful opportunity each year for families to participate in this milestone during Holy Week- Last Supper Reenactment Worship Service, where Jesus and His disciples will serve communion. The workshop is offered prior to Holy Week, typically early spring. If requested you may plan with one of the Pastors to have First Communion celebrated on another date as well. 

All ages are invited to participate in the Communion Workshop. The decision to participate is one that needs to be made by the family, each child develops differently both mentally and spiritually. Communion is always open for any believing heart to partake. The workshop is a supplemental element to aide in understanding the sacrament better. During our workshop participants will learn about the history of communion, partake in a sampling of Passover foods, baking bread and how to prepare for the sacrament itself. Parents/ Guardians or Godparents are asked to attend class with their child but the whole family is invited to join in.

WORKSHOP: Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 6:30 pm, Dinner at 5

Celebration time: During Last supper reenactment worship, choose 1 of 3 services

March 27-29, 7:30 pm **Please arrive 10 min. early to check in**

If you or your child is interested in communion but cannot make it to this workshop time we would be happy to schedule a time to meet with you and your family personally. Celebrating communion can happen anytime of the year, we offer this milestone event as an additional faith learning opportunity.

Blessing of the Car Keys: “Leaping” into Independence - Ages 15+

The Blessing of the Keys is one more way the faith community is helping to instruct and lead our youth. This milestone is open to all youth who have received their permit or driver’s license in the last year.

Everyone knows a whole new world opens up for families when a child receives their driver’s license. New expectations, new privileges, new freedoms, and new worries all come into play.  What better time to come together as a family to talk through the new expectations and privileges, as well as pray and ask for guidance. Join other families and youth as we eat lunch, create covenants and choose verses to bless the cars. 

Celebration: Wednesday, April 18 at 6:00 pm, Dinner at 5 pm 

Workshop: Wednesday, April 18 at 6:30 pm in Higher Ground Room. 

Senior Recognition - Grade 12

When our children were young we brought them to the font to begin a new adventure. Now as they are leaving on yet another journey, we bring them back to the font to be blessed and sent forth. As we bless each graduate they will receive a special blanket created by our quilters, tied by peers in confirmation to remind them that wherever they lay their head, God and the prayers of their home church go with them. Then all family and friends of graduates will be invited to lay hands upon these young adults. To conclude and commemorate this event a class picture will be taken after service.

High School Senior Participation Form.

Celebration: Sunday, May 20, 2018 at 10:30 am